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Includes everything in the monthly plan plus:

- Interactive Feedback:  Send in a video for assessment and Yousif will respond with personal feedback and lesson plan.

- Free digital copy of Yousif's composition Doubtful Sound    

- 10% off all items in our store.  **excludes Velez/Sheronick Intensive**

- 25% off one private Zoom lesson with Yousif. 

Brief Course Description.
Frame Drums 201: Lap Style Edition is a continuation of the highly popular and acclaimed course Frame Drums 101, taught in the Glen Velez style by world-renowned performer and teacher Yousif Sheronick.  Frame Drums 201 is a step-by-step process with a curriculum including Accelerated Split Hand Technique, South Italian Triplet, Ratio Exercises, Improvisation Techniques, Playing with a Brush, Split Hand Triplet, Call and Response, Snapping and more!

What is included in the course?
The course focuses entirely on Lap Style playing with over 6 hours of instructional video and 20 PDF worksheets which contain all of the exercises and grooves from the course.  There is no hand held playing in this course. 

Is there a pre-requisite?
Yousif highly recommends taking Frame Drums 101 prior to this course as he references many techniques and musical practices from that course.

What material can I view and when?
Upon enrollment you have instant access to ALL 6 hours of videos and PDFs.  You can watch whatever you like, whenever you like.  Keep to Yousif's step-by-step curriculum or jump around the course videos as you wish.  

How does the monthly payment plan work?
With the monthly plan you are paying for one month (30 or 31 days) of access to the entire course.  You can start anytime.  Monthly subscriptions rebill on the anniversary of your start date.  For instance, if you enroll on April 15th you will have access through May 14th. You are free to watch all the videos and download the PDF worksheets anytime during that month.  The subscription renews after one month unless you cancel.  Once you cancel you can still view the videos until that current month of access has ended.  The downloaded PDF worksheets you can keep forever.  

Why study with Yousif Sheronick?  
Excellent question!  Yousif’s master plan is to make you a well-rounded musician.  You won’t simply be given a series of strokes that make up a groove.  You will learn to play musically, to be able to pull “melodies” out of those grooves, to have solid internal rhythm and a greater ability to play in odd time signatures.  Yousif moves your thought process away from the analytical side of the brain and to the creative, stripping away numbers (math!) and replacing them with South Indian vocal cycles.  Using ratio exercises will transform your perception of time and get you to feel at ease with odd time signatures.  You will learn base patterns first before filling up those grooves with embellishments.  This will bring out the melodies in those grooves and transform you from a drummer into a musician!  

Is there a solo I can play after completing the course?  
Yes!  After this course is completed you will have all the skills needed to perform Yousif's through-composed  solo titled “Doubtful Sound".   Better yet, Frame Drums 201 includes many Improvisation Exercises which will help you develop and compose your own solo.  

Drum Suggestions:
Looking to purchase a drum? I highly recommend the Cooperman Glen Velez series Frame Drums.  They are lighter in weight and have a deep shell which makes both Hand Held and Lap Style playing much more comfortable.  A 15" Tar is a good all around drum to start with.  The 20" Bodhran is brilliant for Lap Style playing.  You can purchase drums directly from our duoJalal linked store.  

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5 star rating

Frame drums 201

jackie watson

BRILLIANT!! Taking level one to a whole new height! Totally hooked on some of these grooves! Hoping there will be a 301 at some point.... :)

BRILLIANT!! Taking level one to a whole new height! Totally hooked on some of these grooves! Hoping there will be a 301 at some point.... :)

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5 star rating

Just What I Needed

Mayra Richards

I continued to Lap Style 201 after finishing Yousif's 101 course. I love his teaching style. He is great at breaking things down and teaching Indian vocaliza...

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I continued to Lap Style 201 after finishing Yousif's 101 course. I love his teaching style. He is great at breaking things down and teaching Indian vocalization. He also provides a lot of fun grooves that help build the skills he teaches. I have highly recommended his class to friends who are also thrilled about his classes.

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5 star rating

frame drums 101 and 201

christina licha

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Worksheets

    1. Split Hand Drill

    1. Left Tek Exercise and Groove

    1. Call and Response with Cycle Vocalizations

    1. Accented Split Hand

    1. Slow 7 Groove


About this course

  • $299.00
  • 44 lessons
  • 8 hours of video content

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About the instructor

Yousif Sheronick

Hailed by the New York Times for his “dazzling improvisations” and his “wizardry on a range of humble frame drums” Yousif Sheronick enjoys an active career as percussionist, composer, producer and educator. Having studied classical percussion through a Masters degree at Yale, Yousif went on to study music from Brazil, India, Africa and the Middle East which he seamlessly incorporates into his playing. Yousif’s unique skills in both World and Classical music have led him to perform with a diverse range of ensembles and musicians including Philip Glass, Yo-Yo Ma, Laurie Anderson, Ethos Percussion Group, Lark Quartet, Silk Road Ensemble, Branford Marsalis, Sonny Fortune, Cindy Blackman Santana, Glen Velez and Paul Winter. His many musical influences are highlighted in duoJalal, his venture with violist and wife Kathryn Lockwood. A feature article in Drum! Magazine highlighted Yousif’s versatility in an article titled “At The Corner Of The World”. Always wanting to build bridges through music, Yousif has become a major force in bringing world percussion into contemporary/classical music. He has had the luxury of in-depth work with composers Evan Ziporyn, Derek Bermel, Kenji Bunch, Ljova and John Patitucci, all of whom were eager to compose for his exotic instruments. As a composer himself, Yousif’s compositions have been premiered and performed around the world at both the collegiate and professional level. All released under his own publishing company Bribie Recordings. He has arranged several parts for his collaboration with the Lark Quartet including John Adams’ Book of Alleged Dances which was released on Bridge Records. Producing credits include a solo CD and two instructional DVDs. “A testimony to his genius” raves Modern Drummer Magazine about Yousif’s CD Silk Thread, and Rhythm Magazine (UK) says Yousif’s Riq Instructional DVD “is a must to uncover the mysteries of this ancient instrument.” ​In demand as an educator, Yousif has conducted residencies and master classes at top universities including Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, University of Michigan, University of Kentucky, the Queensland Conservatorium and National University in Australia. A whirlwind trip to Taiwan was filled with 10 solo workshops in 4 cities in 5 days. With increasing demand from drummers around the world, Yousif established his online frame drum school which has enrolled over 1000 students from 68 countries. ​Yousif has appeared throughout North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia with festival appearances including the JVC and Newport Jazz Festivals, Jazztel (Madrid), Renaissance Festival (Rethymno, Greece) Early Music Festival (Regensburg, Germany) and Jerusalem Festival (Palestine). Prestigious venue performances include Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Hollywood Bowl, Royal Festival Hall (London) and Wigmore Hall (London). He has performed live on NPR’s “Performance Today” and John Schaffer’s “New Sounds.” Yousif holds degrees from Yale University and the University of Iowa. ​Yousif gratefully endorses products from Cooperman Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Innovative Mallets and Pearl/Adams.