Financial Aid:

Great News!  Thanks to some generous donors I can now offer need-based financial aid for my online courses.  I have been blown away by the interest and success of my school but, even so, I do receive emails from people who cannot afford it due to various circumstances.  Some live in countries where the currency value is low compared to the US dollar, some are students here in the US and abroad who cannot add another expense to their budget.  Whatever the reason, I’m happy to offer full and partial scholarships to those who want to learn.  


Please don’t be shy.  I’ve been there!  People along the way have helped me out and I’m happy to give back.  Everything will be kept confidential.  I won’t release names of people requesting or receiving financial aid.  This is a great opportunity for everyone to learn these amazing drums.  All I ask is that you actively participate in the course.  

If selected, you will get 6 months of access to the course at the reduced rate.  Reduced rates range from $0 to $15 per month.