Have a question you would like to ask me in person?  

Please drop by during my Office Hour.

What is an Office Hour?  Similar to a professor at a University, I will be in my virtual Zoom office and will be available for anyone that would like to drop by for a question about Frame Drums.  The questions could be about tuning, drum choices, sheet music suggestions or quick questions on a particular playing issue you might be having.  If several people are on at the same time we could also have an open Frame Drum Chat. I’m going to stagger morning and afternoon start times to accommodate different time zones and schedules.

The first Office Hour will be Wednesday October 14th from 5pm to 6pm EDT (New York time).

Please note, you must be enrolled in a course to attend.  Not enrolled but would like to drop by?...simply enroll in a free trial.  

Here is the Zoom Meeting Info:
Meeting ID: 872 4427 5327
Passcode: 925991