Small Group Zoom Classes 

I'm accepting new students for beginner/intermediate weekly small group classes via Zoom.  The interactive classes will include both Hand Held and Lap Style playing, Call and Response Sessions, Tehais, Technique Exercises and more.  As with my current ongoing classes, we will delve delve into Velez Fast Fingerings, Split Hand Technique, Compositions, Ratio Exercises and More!

This is a chance to meet other Frame Drummers, create a community with them, and share ideas and passions.  I'm very proud of my current weekly students who are working on two compositions; one Middle Eastern and one South Indian.

My small group classes are limited to 10 people which allows personal attention to be given to students.

One-hour classes are $30.  

If you are interested please EMAIL ME.  I will set up the classes according to everyone's availability/time zone.