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NEW! - Now includes material from my RIQ Book and DVD.  You can download the book which contains over 50 traditional Middle Eastern Rhythms.  - Interactive Feedback:  Send in a video for assessment and Yousif will respond with personal feedback and lesson plan.    

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Brief Course Description.
Contemporary Riq is a comprehensive online course on the Riq (Middle Eastern tambourine) taught by world-renowned performer and teacher Yousif Sheronick.  The course covers both Cabaret and Soft Position playing with 65 video lessons along with PDF worksheets which contain all of the exercises and grooves from the course.  This course takes you beyond the standard “Dum and Tek” and guides you through Advanced Techniques, shows you how to use them in Grooves, and gets you started on Soloing ideas.    

Is this course right for me?
Absolutely!  This course is designed for ALL players.  It is a step-by-step process that starts with the basics of how to hold the instrument and play basic tones, then systematically guides you through advanced techniques seen by today’s top players.  Beginners as well as players with years of experience will improve their playing using Yousif’s unique and proven teaching method.  He consistently addresses all levels of players whether he is working through tone production, strength building, playing "melodically", or odd time signatures.    

What material can I view and when?
Upon enrollment you have instant access to ALL 6 hours of videos and PDFs.  You can watch whatever you like, whenever you like.  Keep to Yousif's step-by-step curriculum or jump around the course videos as you wish.  

Why take THIS course?  
Excellent question!  Yousif’s master plan is to make you a well-rounded musician.  You won’t simply be given a series of strokes that make up a groove.  You will learn to play musically, to be able to pull “melodies” out of those grooves, to have solid internal rhythm and a greater ability to play in odd time signatures.  Yousif moves your thought process away from the analytical side of the brain and to the creative, stripping away numbers (math!) and replacing them with South Indian vocal cycles.  You will learn base patterns first before filling up those grooves with embellishments.  This will bring out the melodies in those grooves and transform you from a drummer into a musician!  

How are the sessions organized?
The first section is centered on Cabaret Position (playing both on cymbals and drum head), the second is devoted to Soft Position (playing mainly on the drum head). Those sections start from the basics of holding the drum and playing basic strokes, then move to Advanced Techniques such as Split Hand Technique, Glen Velez Fast Fingerings, and various shaking patterns.  You will also learn several grooves in these sections putting the basic and advanced techniques in context. In the final section you will experience how Yousif incorporates these practices into his solos as you learn parts of his composed solo Manta Ray Dance.  

Drum Suggestions:
Looking to purchase a drum?  Yousif highly recommends the Cooperman Artist Series Riq.  You can purchase a Riq directly from our duoJalal linked store.  


Course Reviews:

Title's fine

I consider myself to be an intermediate to advanced amateur riq player. This course was valuable for me in going back over the basics plus adding a few new "contemporary" techniques. For expansion of the course I suggest going into detail on tra...

by Marvin Collins

Riq Course

by Caron Shanahan

Title's fine

I consider myself to be an intermediate to advanced amateur riq player. This course was valuable for me in going back over the basics plus adding a few new "contemporary" techniques. For expansion of the course I suggest going into detail on tra...

by Marvin Collins

Riq Course

by Caron Shanahan

What's included?

67 Videos
12 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Middle Eastern Rhythms - Book and Videos
Yousif Sheronick
Yousif Sheronick

About the instructor

Yousif Sheronick has performed around the globe to critical acclaim, genre hopping with leading artists in the classical, world, jazz and rock music arenas. The New York Times hails Yousif for his “dazzling improvisations” and his “wizardry on a range of humble frame drums”. Of Lebanese descent, Yousif was recently featured in Drum! Magazine highlighting his versatility in an article titled “At The Corner Of The World”.

In demand as an educator, Yousif teaches private lessons and classes at his home in New York and has conducted residencies and master classes at top universities including Manhattan School of Music, University of Michigan, University of Kentucky, the Queensland Conservatorium and National University in Australia.

Yousif’s unique skills in both World and Classical music have led him to perform with Philip Glass, Yo-Yo Ma, Laurie Anderson, Lark Quartet, Ethos Percussion Group, Branford Marsalis, Sonny Fortune, Cindy Blackman Santana, Glen Velez and Paul Winter. His many musical influences are highlighted in duoJalal, his venture with violist and wife Kathryn Lockwood.

A major force in bringing world percussion into contemporary/classical music, Yousif has had the luxury of working with composers Evan Ziporyn, Derek Bermel, Kenji Bunch, Lev “Ljova” Zhurbin and John Patitucci, all of whom were eager to compose for his exotic instruments.

As a composer and arranger Yousif has contributed several solo and ensemble works resulting in performances of his music around the world. He has arranged several parts for his collaboration with the Lark Quartet including John Adams’ “Book of Alleged Dances” which was released on Bridge Records. His producing credits include a solo CD and two instructional DVDs. “A testimony to his genius” raves Modern Drummer Magazine about Yousif’s CD Silk Thread, and Rhythm Magazine (UK) says Yousif’s Riq Instructional DVD “is a must to uncover the mysteries of this ancient instrument.” He has appeared throughout North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Yousif gratefully endorses products from Cooperman Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Innovative Mallets and Pearl/Adams.

Visit his website at: